Title - Comparing Emf Models Focusing on Retrieval

Author's: 1*Daniel F. Santos, 2Maria Lencastre, 3João H. Pimentel, 4Cinthya C. Florio

Abstract :-

The effective search of reusable models in repositories still remains a great challenge, due to many factors such as the large diversity of modeling notations used nowadays in software development. To analyze the factors that influence model retrieval, an extension of the EMF Compare Eclipse plug-in was developed. An analysis was conducted considering two types of models (user stories and goal trees), which were modeled using EMF. An implementation of a comparison interface was also built to try to ensure the meta-model independence. Experiments were performed to analyze the influence of retrieval techniques in the search efficiency, compared to the original plug-in; these results presented improvements.

Keywords: - Model, Comparison, Retrieval, Similarity, Weights, Proximity.

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