IJRSP Volume 01 Issue 01

Title - Pedestrian Safety for the Visually Impaired and Elderly in Leeds City of the United Kingdom

Author: Jennifer K. Upuji1, Ukpali E. Obongha2, Emmanuel A. Agbor3 & Samuel I. Emri4

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Title - Variances in The Accumulation of Some Heavy Metals in Water, Sediments and Muscles of Clarias Gariepinus with Respect to Seasons in Qua Iboe River, Southeastern Nigeria

Author: Udofia Udeme Uyom1, Antai Ekpo Eyo2, Joseph Akaninyene Paul3*, Andem Andem Bassey4

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Title - Enhancing Cutting-Edge Processing Systems Using Object-Oriented Programming, with Emphasis on Industrial Simulators

Author's: Dr. ONU Fergus U1, OHIRI Thaddeus2

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Title - Comparing Emf Models Focusing on Retrieval

Author's: 1*Daniel F. Santos, 2Maria Lencastre, 3João H. Pimentel, 4Cinthya C. Florio

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Title - Anti-Periodic Boundary Value Problem for Third Order Nonlinear Impulsive qk-Integrodifference Equation

Author's: Yiding Liu , Yizhu Wang and Yansheng He*

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